Journey Groups

Journey Groups are our small group community builders here at GBF. They meet at various Host Homes once a month from September to April each year. Typically, groups will dine together before diving into a study (video/workbook/both) and discussing the material. If you are interested in joining a group, please click on the Sign Up button below.


Childcare is provided on an as-needed basis by reservation. If you need to sign your kids up for childcare, please click on the Child Care button.


*Journey Groups are seasonal. As such, the buttons below might be temporarily disabled until we establish new groups/Host Homes. You can see upcoming dates and information at the bottom of this page.

Kingdom Stewardship

Managing All of Life Under God's Rule

For the 2022-2023 Journey Group season, we will be going through this 8-part study by Dr. Tony Evans.


In Kingdom Stewardship, Dr. Tony Evans inspires you to broaden your perspective of Christian stewardship. You will learn that stewardship iincludes how you manage all that God has given you - your time, your talends, and your treasures - to advance God's kingdom and bring Him glory. While many stewardship books focus on managing financial resources, Tony Evans says that your finances are one small part of a much bigger calling. He teaches that God owns all things, and you are the manager of His assets. When you bring your entire life into alignment under God, you will be blessed with purpose and the abundant life that comes from living by God's eternal principles.


Sessions include:


- The Responsibility

- The Covenant

- The Spheres

- The Perspective

- The Motivation

- The Priority

- The Rewards

- The Strategy

Important Dates and Information

Journey Groups will begin again in October. Click HERE to sign up for a group. *Note - Groups that are already full will have a large red banner at the bottom of the list stating they are full. You can also click HERE to sign up for child care.